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Dir wird in diesem Artikel der neue jQuery Interfaces Fisheye position: fixed; Patch zum herunterladen angeboten. Mit diesem Bugfix funktioniert das Fisheye auch nach dem Scrollen bei fixer Positionierung. Die Vorgehensweise ist denkbar einfach. Es muss nur der Bugfix nach der jQuery interfaces Datei eingebunden werden. Ein Beispiel folgt.

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script> <!--- jQuery Framework einbinden --->
<script type="text/javascript" src="interface.js"></script> <!--- jQuery interfaces Plugin einbinden --->
<script type="text/javascript" src="fisheye_patched.js"></script> <!--- hier den Bugfix einbinden --->

Fisheye position: fixed; Bugfix herunterladen

Zip Datei enthält Javascript Datei.

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In this post you will be offered to download the jQuery Interfaces Fisheye position: fixed; patch. With this patch the Fisheye works after scrolling while it’s fixed positioned. The procedure is simple. You only need to include the bugfix after including the jQuery inferfaces file. An example follows.

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script> <!--- include jQuery Framework --->
<script type="text/javascript" src="interface.js"></script> <!--- include jQuery interfaces plugin --->
<script type="text/javascript" src="fisheye_patched.js"></script> <!---include the bugfix --->

Fisheye position: fixed; bugfix download

Zip file includes javascript file.

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  1. lee sagt:

    Hi, it doesn’t seem to work in IE. Any solutions?

  2. Loaden sagt:

    Which IE version do you use?

    Bug Fixed in IE 7.
    Thx for reporting.

  3. MNSweet [www] sagt:

    Link is broken and can not seem to find any duplicates. Everything I have read says this is the thing to use. Can you reconnect the file?Google translation (EN-GR):Link ist kaputt und kann nicht scheinen, um alle Duplikate zu finden. Alles, was ich gelesen habe behauptet, das sei das Ding zu benutzen. Können Sie wieder die Datei?

  4. Loaden sagt:

    Downloadlink for Interfaces is fixed. You can download jQuery Interfaces here: http://www.monkey-business.biz/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/interfaces.zip

  5. MNSweet [www] sagt:

    does this version of interfaces.js contain the patch if so: You = God

  6. MNSweet [www] sagt:

    Nevermind I see where the link for your patch is. Feel free to delete this comment and modify the one above it to be just “You = God”. Oh on side note it works great, with only one bug (doesn’t work on refresh when already scrolled down the page); to bad I don’t think this WP theme will ever see the light of day. Thanks again. Max Sweet: Web Developer | WordPress Developer.

  7. Loaden sagt:

    Also Fixed. I just forgot to get the startup offset.

  8. Paul [www] sagt:

    Danke für den Patch. Ich habe vorher selbst (leider erfolglos) an einer ähnlichen Lösung herumgefummelt.

  9. jason sagt:

    thank you for this….i have a horizontally scrolling page and the fisheye patch doesn’t seem to work?

  10. Loaden sagt:

    I checked horizontally scrolling. It definitively works.

  11. Loaden sagt:

    That’s right. There is no difference. It’s just a other download mirror for jQuery Interface. The other Download (http://www.monkey-business.biz/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/fisheye_patched.zip) contains the patched fisheye for fixed css positioning.

  12. Mitch sagt:

    Hm … not sure what’s the difference ?The downloaded file seem to be the exact same as the original ‘interface.js’ – so why add the same file twice but with a different name?BTW. I also posted my problems on http://www.ndesign-studio.com/blog/css-dock-menuThanks a lot

  13. Matthew sagt:

    This works really well, thank you.I am using your patch and everything works wonderfully except one thing. When used with Firefox, if I refresh the page after having scrolled down the page, the menu bar still appears at the bottom as it should, but the mouseover area that makes the fisheye effect moves to the top of the page. So I can run my mouse over the top of the page and the menu bar icons scale at the bottom of the page. This is only happening in Firefox on both windows and mac. It works perfectly in Chrome, IE, and Safari. Anyone seeing this? Any ideas?Thanks!

  14. Loaden sagt:

    I checked it on firefox 3+ on a linux machine. It works. Which version of firefox do you use?

  15. Christophe [www] sagt:

    I have been looking for such a solution for a while, and unfortunately your patch doesn’t seem to fix my demo page (based on SharePoint):http://www.pathtosharepoint.com/Pages/Fisheye.aspx

  16. Loaden sagt:

    Try that demo http://www.monkey-business.biz/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/fisheye/index.html

  17. giant_coucou sagt:

    HalloSorry i don’t speak german so i’ll make it in english. First of all, thx a lot for the patch, working quite as well. But as Matthew said, there’s a bug (ff 3.6 & ie 7) when the footer is sticked on the bottom of the screen. If you refresh the page whith a scrolltop !=0, the bar stay sticked on the bottom (ok its normal) but the mouseover area stay on the top of the window. I tried to update your code but i did’nt succeed. Any idea?

  18. fludd sagt:

    hi there. i searched for that patch for a short time and experienced the same problems with scrolling + resizing the window, so i decided to fix that problems on my own. i’d like to share my results, so feel free to download it at: http://www.speedshare.org/download.php?id=1D21A74611 in addition to that, you have to experiment a little with your css file to align the menu properly. good luck!fludd

  19. Loaden sagt:

    Yes there is a bug if you resize the window or the fisheye is fixed on the bottom of the page if the scrolltop != 0. Unfortunately I don’t have time to fix these bugs (a clean fix is to fix the library and not the fisheye itself) andit looks like the jQuery interfaces development is frozen. I do not
    want to spent time in dead projects. Sry…

  20. Danny sagt:

    I would love to use your control or another one similar to it, is there a version of it that fixes the dock at the bottom and doesn’t have issues around scrolling? If this one doesn’t work can you point me in the direction of another one that might work? Thank you for all your great work and time.Danny

  21. Hydro sagt:

    Danke schön für diese Fix. Gute Arbeit 🙂

  22. Pathankot [www] sagt:

    Even I need a version that fixes the dock at the bottom.

  23. Khasck [www] sagt:

    Hey – I downloaded and installed the patch, however, i still can’t seem to get the dock to scroll with my page.
    I know this is hecka old, but if any support is still around, i’d love the help. I’m sure it’s an easy fix.
    email me at andliamtyler@gmail.com if you can help out.
    the website i’m using it on is williamtylerast.tumblr.com

  24. ChrisX [www] sagt:

    Hallo. Das Fisheye Menü klappt im Opera 11.01
    Jedoch nicht im aktuellen Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 oder Google Chrome.
    Wäre super wenn du das beheben könntest, danke

  25. Loaden sagt:

    Hallo, das kann gut möglich sein. Habe ich nicht getestet. Das gabs damals nicht. Ich weiß im Moment nicht einmal ob inzwischen eine Inkompatibilität mit jQuery 1.5 besteht. Beim Projekt jQuery Interfaces tut sich nichts mehr. Am sterbenden Projekt basteln macht keinen Spaß. Hatte das bereits versucht in Englisch auszudrücken. Falls es drängt kannst du dich über das Kontaktformular melden.

  26. André sagt:

    Thanks man! Really helped! You’ve made someones day happier 🙂

  27. me87 sagt:

    it works with the patch.
    But will not work when we scroll browser window and then re-size browser window …
    Any idea?

  28. Leroux sagt:

    Thank you very much for this fix. You’ve saved me hours of figuring how to fix this!

  29. Martin [www] sagt:

    Ich habe auch einen relativ ähnlichen Dev-Blog (nur auf Englisch)
    und findes es super, daß hier die Posts bilingual sind.

  30. Shweta sagt:

    Can anyone help me for vertical scroll bar with the same code as given in demo???


  31. Hatef [www] sagt:

    Good job ! Many thank you .